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When designing a cathodic protection (CP) system, several factors should be considered including exposure conditions, service life extension requirements and budgetary constraints. It is best to start off with an assessment of the existing structure. 3eplus can assist in determining whether the CP system should be galvanic or impressed current. Once this selection is made, 3eplus can recommend suitable anodes. Since 3eplus is not affiliated with any manufacturer/distributor of anodes or other CP system components, we can make recommendations in an unbiased manner. 

3eplus has been involved with all the anode types for reinforced concrete and submerged steel structures. Anodes types ares simply tools in a toolbox for corrosion mitigation. The key is to select the right tool for the job.

When we design a CP system in a given state or territory, we ensure that the Engineer from 3eplus who is in charge is either registered or becomes registered as a Professional Engineer in such state or territory. Professional licensure protects the public by enforcing standards that restrict practice to those individuals who have met specific qualifications in education, work experience, exams, and ethics.

Inspect and Test

3eplus ensures that the CP system is installed correctly and all the necessary quality assurance testing is conducted. These services are referred to as Cathodic Protection Specialist or Corrosion Engineer services within construction documents and require certification/training from AMPP (previously NACE) which 3eplus personnel has attained at the highest level. During the installation process, 3eplus will conduct construction observations and the specified quality assurance testing. Electrical continuity testing is an essential part of the CP system installation especially for reinforced concrete structures. 


The last step of the quality assurance testing consists of energization testing. During the energization testing process, the CP system is powered up and monitored to ensure that it is operating correctly and providing adequate protection against corrosion. We obtain a variety of measurements including voltage, current, and circuit resistance. We routinely perform polarization development/decay testing. 3eplus has the capability to perform E log I testing in the field. The results of these tests are used to evaluate the performance of the CP system and to make any adjustments needed to ensure the structure is protected and the CP system is performing optimally.


3eplus monitors the performance of CP systems over time to ensure that the CP systems are providing the necessary corrosion mitigation. Monitoring can be conducted in the field and/or remotely (if the CP system is equipped with remote monitoring capabilities). Monitoring often involves a visual examination of the CP system and testing similar to that performed during the energization testing. 3eplus is capable of performing minor repairs and refurbishment of the CP system components as part of the field monitoring. For the last several years, the Florida Department of Transportation, largest owner and operator of CP systems in the US, has trusted 3eplus to monitor their CP systems on bridge substructures. 

Association for Materials Protection and Performance

Trained & Certified

Our staff is active in technical committees and volunteer activities for the Association for Materials Protection and Performance. Our staff holds advanced degrees and certifications through AMPP. 

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