Coating Specialist

Make sure you know what is the right coating for your infrastructure project by having the right advice

Comprehensive consulting for the right coating solutions

We offer comprehensive consulting services for selecting the right coating solutions to protect infrastructure from corrosion. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to help clients select the most suitable solution for their needs. We assess the environment, review the current state of the structure, and analyze corrosion levels to develop a corrosion protection plan. We then determine the right coating solution and provide detailed specs for successful application. We monitor the project to guarantee the maintenance of the coating and proper protection of the structure. Our services will ensure your infrastructure project is completed to the highest standards.

Coating Selection

Coatings create a barrier between the substrate (steel or concrete) and the environment, which prevents water, oxygen, and other corrosive elements from coming into contact with the metal. This helps protect the substrate from corrosion or disintegration making it last longer and ensuring it is safe to use in the long term.

The coating specialist would select a coating system solution for a project by considering among other factors exposure conditions and anticipated service life. The coating specialist would also evaluate the coating system’s ability to protect against corrosion, particularly in aggressive exposure environments, such as marine and industrial process applications.

Coating Inspection & Testing

When it comes to coating installation, the devil is in the details. The coating specialist can perform the necessary inspection and testing to achieve a successful installation. The scope of the inspection and testing is often defined in a quality control plan prepared by the coating specialist. The quality control details the specific tests, standards, equipment, testing frequency and procedures to be followed. The quality control plan includes blank data collection forms. The testing involves not only the coating but also the substrate since surface preparation is essential for coating performance.

Coating Failure Analysis

With a combination of field and laboratory tests, it is often possible to determine the cause of premature coating failure. The coating specialist provides these services in the context of litigation support or to inform the selection of future coating systems.